Willow on Blu-ray: Finally, the Fish-Boy Deleted Scenes!

The Whaling Willow

I remember for years hearing about the deleted scene from Willow in which he fights a fish-boy – I think Starlog‘s official Willow movie magazine mentioned it first. Back in 1988, though, getting to see that kind of thing was a rarity. Come March 12th, it’s coming in high-definition.

Don’t worry – this may be a Lucasfilm production, but the deleted scenes are staying separate.

The Blu-ray also includes on-set behind-the-scenes stuff, from a time when Val Kilmer had a six-pack and George Lucas had a chin. Here’s the brand-new featurette:

Willow has had a mixed reputation over the years – the comic relief Brownies were like the Jar Jar Binkses of their day, and it is probably the only medieval fantasy feature to climax in an old lady fistfight. On the whole, though, its fun factor tends to induce forgiveness of the flaws in those who are old enough to have grown up with it. Plus it’s the first movie to use morphing as a digital effect.

Forget all you know…becauuse Blu-ray will remember it for you.

Additional all-new features include more deleted Scenes with Ron Howard and Warwick Davis’ video diary. And the release date is undoubtedly a timely reminder that yes, Disney, this is a property you also get to revisit now if you like…