Blu in Your Face: January 22nd, 2013


Ticks – The cover alone sells it, but once you hear that it stars Seth Green and Ami Dolenz, and that the ticks are created when a farmer tries to add steroids to his marijuana crop, are you more sold? Because I am.

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning – Although this movie was shot in 3D, the Blu-ray version isn’t following suit, which is a pity, because some of those strobing hallucination sequences of Van Damme’s floating head are meant for it. Maybe they drove people too insane. Regardless, this is still a whole ton of fun, with excess brutality and nudity surrounding a low-budget attempt at a David Lynchian Heart of Darkness tribute. Seriously. I’m not saying it fully pulls it off, but I am saying that’s what it’s boldly going for, and thumbs up for that.

Deadly Blessing – Early Wes Craven horror featuring Ernest Borgnine as the head of a religious cult, and a 26 year-old Sharon Stone. Includes a Craven commentary and new interviews with Michael Berryman, Susan Buckner and creature designer John Naulin.

Nature Calls – A mixed bag of a comedy that features Patton Oswalt as a scout leader dismayed by the lack of interest in scouting shown by kids today, especially as encouraged by his brother (Johnny Knoxville) who’d rather let the kids just watch TV. The tension between the two ultimately leads to Oswalt’s Randy hijacking a sleepover organized by Kirk (Knoxville) and taking them out camping, where increasingly dangerous behavior inevitably leads to Kirk being set on fire and crucified. Also featuring Rob Riggle, Maura Tierney and the final onscreen performance of Patrice O’Neal.

The Godfather 5-Disc Blu-ray Set – I know it’s not in and of itself especially nerdy. But because I cannot count the number or times something nerdy has made a reference to offers somebody can’t refuse, or a horse head in somebody’s bed, or “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!” or anything to do with Sofia Coppola, this gets an honorary spot on the list. So for just under $400, would you say you can or can’t turn down this particular deal? I for one paid less than that for the complete Dark Shadows set, and it had 131 DVDs in it.