He’s Not on Your Toy Shelf. He IS Your Toy Shelf!

Mezco Toyz are know for turning figures into caricatures, whether they’re monsters or (especially) regular humans. So I’m not sure any of us expected this from them…


Yep, now Tony Montana (or, perhaps, Elan Sleazebaggano) doesn’t have to be the only drug dealer in your toy collection. Breaking Bad‘s Walter White is ready to apply his Heisenberg uncertainty principles to every other figure on the shelf, and you could find a plastic turf war on your hands. Assuming you still play with your toys, which you should.

Walter comes with a gun, removable hat and glasses, sack of cash and bag of blue crystals. He’s available for preorder at BigBadToyStore, and if you want one, I’d suggest snapping one up – you saw what the toy PC police did to Django (Broomhilda fetches nearly as much on Amazon now as she did in the movie), and it feels inevitable that someone will have a hissy fit over mini-meth dealer here.