Disney Games Division to Drop Everything and Copy Skylanders

Epic Mickey 2 was apparently such a dud that it shut down an entire studio. So when Bob Iger said the other day that he would take a closer look at violence in his company’s video games, he actually meant…

…one game?

Because it looks like Disney’s putting all its gaming eggs in one basket. One large, universe-spanning basket.

A couple of thoughts spring to mind here: One, they wanted a Kingdom Hearts that they didn’t have to share profits on. Two, the concept of getting gamers to buy collectible figurines to activate characters is one they couldn’t believe Skylanders thought of first, but they will do better because they’re Disney goddammit, and people already know all their characters.

So far the character selection leans heavily away from hand-drawn classic characters and towards Pixar movies, Wreck-It Ralph, Captain Jack Sparrow and Jack Skellington – presumably the entire Disney empire will follow as far as the market will bear.

And since Brad Bird apparently isn’t keen on sequels, this might be the only way you’ll get more Incredibles. Even if it does mean Syndrome riding on Dumbo.