Gore Verbinski’s Pirates of the Korea-Been

Yes, I know. Worst headline pun ever.

It seems the only other director to love Johnny Depp as much as Tim Burton has settled on his next directorial project (not yet starring Depp, but I wouldn’t be surprised)…a comic about North Korea. Anybody see that one coming?

Lambiek Comiclopedia

Animator/comic-book artist Guy Delisle stayed in Pyongyang for two months as an animation supervisor, and does not think he would ever be welcome back there after publishing Pyongyang, a graphic-novel account of his time there. Apparently a glutton for dangerous places, he has also done comics about his time in Burma and Gaza.

Deadline’s report on the story suggests that the movie will deal primarily with his being accused of espionage, which I assume probably happens at some point or another to everybody visiting North Korea. Guessing it’ll be played up a bit to heighten suspense.

I hope there’s a Pulgasari cameo.