Here’s a Star Trek: Beyond Trailer, Made Annoying by the Beastie Boys


One of my least favorite things about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was the fact that Kirk was still listening to the Beastie Boys 200+ years from now. I don’t know what people actually will listen to if we’re still around then, but “Sabotage” is already played out. How many artists from 200+ years ago do you listen to?

I figured it was an Abrams thing – my least favorite thing about The Force Awakens so far has been the inclusion of a massive Beastie Boys in-joke as a character name.

Yet here Justin Lin is, rubbing it in again. Not just in a trailer theme, but in what appears to be sourced music onscreen. Sorry, but this kinda spoils the robo-crabs you want me to think are so cool. As a thought experiment, imagine if the first Star Trek movie had a ’70s pop song in it. Or just watch Silent Running to see what a terrible idea that is.