Live-Action Robotech Gets Director You’ve Never Heard of

His name’s Nic Mathieu. And he made this:

I’ve always thought Macross would be a no-brainer as a cinematic franchise, and have been surprised producers don’t just go directly to the source material, seeing as how the version called Robotech is probably a legal-rights headache. The nostalgia value of that name may be what’s worth the most, though.

This guy Mathieu has literally nothing on his imdb page credit-wise, but is being sought after to do several major sci-fi films. After watching the video above, I’m not surprised.

If he can sell toys as well as he sells TVs in that spot (and cars, etc. in some of these other ones), he should be just fine for the studio. Now perhaps we should start worrying about story, since Akiva Goldsman is producing.

Via and The Hollywood Reporter.