Predators Director to Make 3D Metallica Movie


Just another band jumping on the live 3D concert-movie bandwagon? Not quite. Metallica Through the Never stars creepy Chronicle kid Dane DeHaan as a member of the band’s road crew, sent out to perform an urgent mission while James, Kirk, Robert and Lars are rocking out onstage. It’s directed by Nimrod Antal, who made the excellent Hungarian subway thriller Kontroll, the underrated horror movie Vacancy, and of course Predators. And rather than being set up at a major studio, the movie’s being distributed through Picturehouse, known for such geek-faves as Pan’s Labyrinth and The King of Kong.

It’s funny because the working title was M3D, which happens, I kid you not, to be the title of an out-of-print ’70s 3D porn DVD that I recorded a terrible commentary track for years ago. It was edited to be an R-rated cut and the 3D didn’t work very well, making it somewhat pointless.

m3d dvd.jpg

I’m sure Metallica will do better.