Rob Liefeld Writes Movie Script About Rob Liefeld

Can I confess something, real fast?

I know Rob Liefeld. I like him. He’s basically a big kid who still loves entertainment in which everything is exaggerated tenfold.

But I sure don’t mind having some fun with him, especially when he puts something out there like this…


Yes, he wrote a script about himself and the founders of Image…and it’s called “Icons.” Plus he wrote the script in three days, and already some of the pages are online with his approval.

Now, assuming you actually want to get a script made – don’t go around saying you wrote it in three days. At a previous job, I had a writer boast about having written an article totally at the last minute, when what would have impressed me more is if they’d started early and taken some time.

Oh, but that’s not the best part. Nor is it the fact that he wants Chris Pine to play him (don’t we all?)

It’s that he devoted three pages of the script to the time he met Eazy-E (“I’m lovin’ me some Youngblood bro”). And he doesn’t even spell his name right!

That aside, it’s interesting that he paints himself as a contemplative observer while making Todd McFarlane the hero, albeit a hero who says “bud” and “fuck” every other word. And compared to other high-concept Hollywood scripts I’ve read, it’s a smooth read.

Check out the pages for yourself, if you dare…