TMNT Krang Cosplay: I Have a Gut Feeling It’s Genius

What can you do but slow-clap when you see a homemade costume like this?


The creator, known online as TVsRobLowe, was apparently inspired by looking at himself in a mirror:

I’m 6’2, wear glasses, and always near 300 pounds, and I know my limits for costuming. Last year I made a budget Darth Vader hoping to conceal my weight within the robes, and I was happy with the results but I looked like a fat guy dressed as Vader. Being my size, I don’t have many options for actual characters – only really Doctor Octopus or Krang.

Knowing what you are, and opting to be the very best at it ever? That’s the spirit. But just so you know, brains are about 12% fat, so putting one on your stomach isn’t ever going to be a slimming look.

via TMNT Party Van