Wait…That’s What Beautiful Creatures Is About?

I’ve seen this poster in theater lobbies for a while now, and assumed it was some Great Gatsby kind of deal, with old-fashioned people driving motorcars, listening to jazz and perhaps enforcing an arranged marriage. After all, that lead couple front and center look super-uncomfortable in each other’s arms.


So then they bring out this featurette to stress how acclaimed the actors are that are in it, which of course is self-evident, though they’ve also been in movies like Dungeons & Dragons, Nanny McPhee and Dragonball: Evolution. I figured maybe it would give me an idea what the concept is…

Twilight with more CGI?

Put aside for a second the fact that Twilight is dumb and badly plotted. Does that poster give any indication it’s the type of movie they’re selling?

It’s not my job to decide how to market a movie, but I figured maybe it was my place to give you a heads-up that silly teen supernatural romance is not yet dead.

However, it is just a tiny bit embarrassed about what it is.