There’s a Wicket in My Pocket!

To be precise, Warwick Davis, who famously portrayed Wicket W. Warrick, the only Ewok with both a surname and middle initial (has there ever been an in-canon explanation of this?). He now has his own video game, PocketWarwick, and it’s free to download


Presumably, being replaced in the Leprechaun movie series by WWE’s Hornswoggle has given him the free time to come up with something like this:

He’s a ‘little’ celebrity that you can nurture, manage and turn into the ‘biggest’ little celebrity on the planet. You’ll need to feed, dress, train and educate him in this unique ‘sim’ game.

So: Tamagotchi, but with a short-statured actor. Now, I’m pretty tall, but I’m almost offended on behalf of little people. Is that wrong? Hornswoggle, mentioned above, is a pro-wrestler with a beard and tattoos, but because of his height, he’s portrayed as having the mentality of a child, and this game seems to be doing the same kind of thing, albeit here it’s Davis’ own idea to play things that way.

That said, I don’t think I’ll ever be immune to the humor of Davis in a frog suit.