Your New Year’s Eve Was Better than KDOC’s Hilarious Epic Fail

KDOC is a TV station based in Orange County, California, which gained brief notoriety in the ’80s when it aired the far-right ravings of Rebecca DeMornay’s deranged, blond-bewigged father Wally George. Nowadays it mostly shows re-runs, but this past week, the station tried to get ambitious with a live New Year’s Eve show coproduced by Jamie Kennedy and Eli Samaha.

Hiring the producer of Battlefield Earth may have been the first bad idea. The first of MANY; I guess Mr. Samaha can now at least claim that BE and Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever are not the biggest disasters he’s been involved with. Seriously, it is unbelievable that anyone professional was involved with this on any level. (Okay, if it were on premium cable and Tim and Eric had scripted it as a parody, I might buy that.) From drunken fans lip-syncing off the teleprompter behind the host to awkward and unexpected cuts to commercials, the wrong cameras going live, Macy Gray being totally out of it and f-bombs dropped repeatedly on-air, this thing is a true masterpiece of fail.

Just watch. It makes Tommy Wiseau look like Alfred Hitchcock by comparison, and words don’t do it justice.

Via Patton Oswalt, who also says the entire broadcast is likely to hit YouTube this weeked.