Billy Corgan and Local Wrestlers do a TV Commercial for Furniture

Billy Corgan has always been slightly uncool even when he was cool, like he always had to be a little too weird. He did the theme song for the Batman movie nobody liked, and I once saw him and the Smashing Pumpkins open for KISS while dressed as the Beatles the entire time. Admittedly it was Halloween, and the opener, “I Want Money,” could be seen as an astute assessment of Gene Simmons’ life philosophy.

He remade Georges Melies years before Scorsese made that cool, and in recent years he seems like he’s gone a little crazy, but perhaps you might too if LA’s KROQ only played your same three songs in constant rotation for ever and ever.

But today sees the greatest…thing he’s ever done. Just watch.

If alt-rock stars must invariably sell out, better this than Nirvana tunes selling baseball video games.

via Uproxx