GIVEAWAY: Sinister on Blu-ray


As much as I have enjoyed the creativity from many of the recent contest entries, I have heard the pleas of those who have not. Not every reader wants to be creative; some quite reasonably wish to be entertained by me rather than having to be entertaining on a thread. And there have been requests for an easy contest – of course you know the downside of that is it reduces any given player’s odds of winning.

Anyway, your prize in this contest is Sinister, a Blu-ray of what I consider to be a well-crafted horror movie, which comes complete with digital copy and Ultraviolet. Special features include two audio commentaries, two featurettes, and deleted scenes with or without director commentary.

Some creativity will be required to enter, but not much. Here’s what you do:

Comment below and come up with a new term to replace “nerd blackface.” Understandably, some readers are uncomfortable equating racial stereotypes to social ones, so let’s pool our minds and find a different way to refer to entertainment that highlights non-nerds embodying unflattering nerd stereotypes.

Enter as often as you like. The contest closes Feb. 26th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.