Hasbro Reveals New Disney Park Exclusive Star Tours Figure Sets


The all-new Seeker Droid is the highlight of this first set, along with a new blue Signal Droid and an army-building Skytrooper.


And the second set is where it gets interesting…


So this is spaceport security, huh? First of all, C-3P0 may be the single worst Star Wars character you could possibly have on security detail – sure, he can speak other languages, but he panics and whines constantly, which wouldn’t put passengers at ease (yes, he’s worse than Jar Jar, who trips up but ends up perfectly shooting the bad guys when he does). And I seriously hate to think what that RX droid is for…if this is the intergalactic TSA, I’d be fearful of those claws going into a more local, er, “black hole.”


Anyway, the G2 Droid is a rebuilt figure, and the RX droid’s red color scheme is new. These will be available beginning in May at the Disney parks’ Star Wars weekends, and thereafter.