New Transformers Construction Toys Actually Transform; So Does New Anakin Figure [UPDATED]

constructbot Bumblebee.jpg

While Hasbro’s initial foray into the world of Lego cloning with Kre-O made for a pretty decent substitute, I think we can all agree that there was one significant bummer when it came to their Transformers sets – no transformation. Well, except inasmuch as any similar toy “transforms” – you can take it apart brick by brick and have it “roll out” in like an hour or so.

With Toy Fair coming this weekend, and news leaking out in drips and drabs (we’ll recap the best stuff here on Monday), one of Hasbro’s new reveals has been Construct-Bots, which remedy the Kre-O issue – now you can build Transformers that actually do what their name suggests. All parts are interchangeable between robots, and based on the image above it would seem they’re going for more of a traditional look than the movie-cartoon hybrids of the Kre-O line. Ten characters will be available at launch: Wheeljack, Soundwave and Bumblebee are the names revealed so far, but the likelihood that Optimus and Megatron won’t be in the mix strikes me as zero.

The other reveal of note in Hasbro’s press release is a 13″ Anakin-to-Vader Star Wars figure, with removable armor, electronics and color-changing lightsaber. No images yet, but at $24.99 I wouldn’t expect Sideshow-level detail.

UPDATE: Reader BumblebeeZ3 in comments has found a whole bunch more pictures, including vehicle modes.