So, Here’s a Calendar of Action Figures F**king…

This post is dedicated to everyone who misses Fan Fiction Friday.

One of my college roommates was the type of guy who’d always slip a porno video into the player, then when it got accidentally turned on, would go “I swear to God, I have no idea how that got in there.” He also claimed that as a kid, he would make his action figures fuck. Years later, he came out of the closet, for real. Anyway, that’s who I thought of when this calendar was brought to my attention.

Fifty-two images of toys in sex positions. Every sex position.


Other images include aliens anal-probing Fox Mulder, Cobra Commander fucking a dog, Ewoks gang-banging Slave Leia, and of course (of course!) the G.I. Joe Human Centipede…


I’m sorry, I know this was Rob’s gimmick and I’m infringing but I can’t think of any other response than…

toht face melting.jpg

You can buy the calendar for $25 from “Vince Kramer, Coolest Guy Ever.”

h/t Cameron Pierce