Alice Cooper and Tom Sheppard Need More Money


Alice Cooper is no stranger to comics; most notably, he starred in The Last Temptation, a Marvel miniseries by Neil Gaiman that was a tie-in to the original shock-rocker’s 1994 album of the same name.

But now he wants to be in comics again – specifically, twelve comics by Annoying Orange co-creator Tom Sheppard, who’d also like to turn them into a TV series (of course he would). And for whatever reason, I guess Marvel’s not into it this time.

And so they are Kickstartering, hoping that Uncle Alice Presents, a Tales from the Crypt-like anthology that Alice narrates and appears in as a character, will catch on. I have to say, I’m glad that even though A.C. is a born-again Christian and could easily have disavowed his twisted theatrics, he’s still willing to indulge that dark sense of humor and not disown everything that made him. He was my gateway drug into heavier music, and when I finally got to meet him, with my face painted in that style the Crow stole, he simply said, totally deadpan, “You know they have shots for that now?”

Seeing him deftly navigate both sides of his personality is part of the fun of the video after the jump. It was enjoyable to see even if he never makes this.