Adam West Batusi Batman (with Sound!) Will Be a Comic-Con Exclusive Mattel Figure


I think from the beginning, we all knew this was an inevitable variant…


…but a sound chip that plays the music and some Adam West soundbytes makes this an absolute must-have. Multiple must-haves, even.

As part of a renewed push to merchandise the 1966 TV series, there will also be a new line of digital comics from DC featuring the Adam West Batman characters and continuity, which leaves me to wonder who the first writer will be that attempts to retcon the three different Catwoman actresses, or the two different Riddlers. It’s too bad Alan Moore’s all mad at DC, because I’d love to see him get crazy in that universe and have it be all Burt Ward’s deathbed delusion or something.

After the jump, a first-look at the Cesar Romero Joker toy…