New Remake Nobody Wants: Escape from New York Happening Again


John Carpenter already remade this himself once, under the guise of a sequel. It was called Escape from L.A., and it holds the rare distinction of being a movie made by Carpenter, featuring a character everybody likes, co-starring Bruce Campbell…and still being kinda meh. A third film was rumored to take place in space, but that Guy Pearce space-prison movie Lockout basically stole the idea while nobody was caring.

Oh, and guess what…Joel Silver wants to make this new version a trilogy. Because everything has to be. Let me guess – New York gets put on post-Katrina-New-Orleans-style lockdown after a massive terrorist attack?

The primary appeal of the original was that it took a leading man known for playing good guys and made him an asshole, yet still the protagonist. Rather than get Jeremy Renner or Liam Neeson, (or Andrew Lincoln, who I bet is on more than one wishlist) they should try going that route. See if Justin Timberlake could play against type, for example. I mean, why not? If you must do this, at least be creative.

Assuming the idea doesn’t make you vomit, who would you pick as the new Snake Plissken?