Star Wars Animated Future: Clone Wars Ending, Detours Delayed, New Secret Show


Lucasfilm has announced that the Clone Wars series is ending – though there will be more animated Clone Wars adventures in some form – and that they are working on a new Star Wars series “set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.” Ladies and gentlemen, start your speculation. You notice they didn’t say “previously untouched in video games.”

As for the much speculated-upon Seth Green comedy series Star Wars Detours, it would appear to be getting postponed indefinitely, as Lucasfilm feels a comedy series is an inappropriate way to lead into Episode VII. All this means is he’ll make fun of it more on Robot Chicken, folks. And it’ll probably go direct to DVD or webisodes – I could see them releasing it through something like the Nerdist Channel on YouTube.

After the jump, Dave Filoni previews a clip from The Clone Wars‘ final season…one in which Order 66 triggers a little early in a certain Clone.