The Original Office Makes a Mini-Comeback

As part of the UK’s Comic Relief charity special, David Brent is returning in The Office Revisited on March 15th, and this time, he’s trying to make it in the music business, managing an aspiring star named Dom Johnson, and writing a terrible racial-justice song called “Equality Street” (the joke U.S. readers may not get there is that “Quality Street” is a popular box of chocolates often given as a cheap gift in the UK).

The full trailer is unembeddable; in a David Brent-style maneuver, Ricky Gervais wants your subscription to his channel so badly he’s going to make you go there to see it. It’s worth it for now, though, as the special will be available to view there post BBC broadcast.

Is it me, though, or is it somehow less depressing to see Brent try to work in showbiz (however badly) than survive in that miserable, rainy office park? Somehow, the idea that he’s made it out of there in any form to pursue a dream has less pathos to it than the original notion of being stuck at a paper manufacturer in the ass-end (sorry, arse-end) of nowhere.