GIVEAWAY: Star Trek – The Video Game


I had a chance to play a little bit of this game yesterday, and let me just say I’m actually a wee bit envious of whomever wins this contest, which comes to you courtesy of our friends at Paramount. It’s a co-op game that can be played different ways depending on how you like to play – Spock solves the puzzles, Kirk does the ass-kicking, and you can be either, with the computer AI or another player taking the other role. The game is designed for both casual and regular gamers; on the easy level, your shields regenerate quickly, and your AI partner will do things for you if you take too long. The story, set between films, begins on a space station as you’re helping evacuate Vulcans to their new home planet. The main villains are the Gorn, but there’s also a Starfleet Commodore doing something he’s not supposed to. The graphics are impressive, particularly in one sequence when Kirk and Spock are spacewalking on the outside of the station’s many revolving rings, occasionally being bombarded by solar flares.

Some other cool tidbits:

-No clues about John Harrison, but there is an easter-egg scene at the end of the post-victory credits that leads into the new movie.

-There is an explanation as to why the Gorn look different from in Enterprise.

-Collect hidden Tribbles that can only be found by Tricorder scans for bonus points.

-Michael Giacchino did a full-on orchestral score for the game.

-Yes, there are scenes in the game that have lens flares.

You have, as usual, seven days to win this in either PS3, Xbox 360 or PC Download format (one prize, winner’s choice of format). The contest will close at 11:59 p.m. on April 30th.

There was really only one possible contest idea to have here: assume, as we already all do, that “John Harrison” is a cover name for the movie’s real villain. Now…describe in a comment below, in as much detail as you like, how you would like the scene in which he reveals his true self to play out.

Enter as many times as you like, but remember quality usually wins out over quantity.

Gameplay video after the jump…