Lost‘s Mr. Eko Will Play Killer Croc in Suicide Squad


From whupping people with a Jesus-stick to metaphorically getting beaten with an ugly stick, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is growing a thick skin to play the Bat-foe in WB’s big-screen “Batman Without Batman (Mostly),” a.k.a. Suicide Squad.

For all the people who say, routinely, every time some dork is miscast, that we comic-book nerds hate every casting choice – I say this is a damn good one. Mark it down.

To be honest, though, triple-A is one of those guys I’m glad to see in any role. Make him Jimmy Olsen if you like; I’d note it as an incredibly strange choice, but still look forward to seeing what he’d do with it. Also: how weird is it that THIS is the next big DC film?