Global Warming, Nukes, 9-11 all Due to UFO Cover-up, Says New Trailer

That’s what the new trailer for crowd-funded documentary Sirius implies, anyway. Also: Look! Tiny alien fetus! Is abortion the fault of (really) little green men too?


The dubious connection of the dots – oil companies are hushing up the evidence of aliens because UFOs, in order to travel across space, clearly use alternative energy sources that would cut into their profits. Meanwhile, they twirl their mustaches as they get us into wars over oil to maximize their revenue.

The self-Godwinning (I think 9-11 counts at this point) is one reason to be skeptical – another is the extent to which their case relies on footage taken at Joshua Tree National Park, which happens to be right next door to a massive Marine base where classified stuff is likely to appear in the sky as part of the normal order of business.

That said, if they can make the anti-gravity device they’re showing off actually work, that’ll be cool. I presume the movie’s named after the dog star, but it also begs the obvious exclamation: “Don’t believe in UFOs? Surely you cannot be Sirius?”

The movie opens April 22nd – check it out after the jump.