Hasbro Seeks Fan Votes to Design 30th Anniversary Transformer


Seems like they were inspired by Mattel’s similar celebration of He-Man at 30 – and the praise that fan figure, Castle Grayskullman, received. (Let us all pause to note that the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic exclusive came first.)

From the press release:

Hasbro is giving kids and fans the opportunity to make the “Fan Built Bot” character with votes determining everything from being an AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON–to its vehicle or other mode, color, personality and more. Kids and fans are encouraged to vote daily! Also, to keep with the theme of the fans being the ones who really shape and create this new TRANSFORMERS character, Hasbro will also give fans a say in the naming of the new character. More details on the naming will be announced soon.

It sounds good, but in reality your options are very limited in the poll. It can be Autobot or Decepticon, have one of ten generic alt-modes, one of ten weapons, one of five color schemes and one of six personality traits. That’s it. If anything, this poll exposes just how easily most Transformers mix and match the same basic ideas in every possible combination.

I hope there will be more ways to offer input, because frankly this feels like they have a bunch of designs ready to go anyway, and just want you to tell them what combination to put them in.

Anyway, go vote if you like.