Geek Apparel of the Week: Zombie Cats, Punching the Shark


This Re-Animator T-shirt fulfills a cardinal rule of mine, which is that licensed shirts work best when even those who don’t know the reference can be amused by them. Like, even if you never watch wrestling, a shirt reading “Layeth the smacketh down” is still funny.

This one from Gimmick Tees is even extra-disturbing if you don’t know the context. Because you know it involves blood, goop and a cat corpse.

Disturbing for different reasons – WeLove Fine’s shirts of Deadpool and Snake Eyes punching sharks.


Would having them punching a clown be too on the nose?

And who knew that all it took to get Deadpool from Snake Eyes was a color swap and tiny head change? I hope Snake enjoys his new Liefeldian puffy chest. If he doesn’t, he’ll never tell.

Finally, and on the topic of wrestling shirts that stand on their own…anybody think I’ve earned the right to wear this one yet?