How Badly Do You Want to See Neil Gaiman Act?

Neil Gaiman sounds exactly like my uncle Patrick, and nobody else in the world does, so it weirds me out to hear his voice every time. But there’s no denying he has a presence, and whatever his acting ability, he could probably do at least one role similar to himself pretty well. Especially as a vampire.


Yes, that’s Buffy alum Amber Benson on the left. Both are attached to Blood Kiss, a vampire-noir from director Michael Reaves, who has written for such neo-noir animated shows as Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series.

But it’s a Kickstarter project. One very close to the minimum as of this writing. And Gaiman has pledged that he will only act for Michael, and not in anything else.

Is it your dream to see the Sandman creator on a big screen? There’s only one way to make it happen.

Insert “better than Zach Braff” joke here.

h/t bgone