How Did We Miss This? Company Called Cyberdyne Built a Robo-Suit Called HAL

Every once in a while, I’ll find a story that isn’t super new, but that neither we nor any other site I’ve seen has covered. This is a new feature.


I’m assuming I don’t have to explain the references here. But I’d also guess you’re saying to yourself, “Self, how could a robotic exoskeleton named after a famously homicidal computer and made by a company named after fictional evil cyborgs who nuked the world be any more tone-deaf?”

It was inspired by the Fukushima meltdown. Good thoughts went into the actual invention: heavy lifting power, vital signs monitoring, and some radiation shielding. But when you’re making radiation suits, is sounding like the guys who created a fake nuclear war a good idea?

I’d be back…to the drawing board. Because it’s like having a safety inspection company called “Homer Simpson and Son.”