Today in Weird Cartoon Movie Trailers: Equestria Girls and The Congress


First up, we have the controversial My Little Pony theatrical spin-off movie Equestria Girls, which looks for all intents and purposes like Hasbro wanted a piece of the Monster High pie and sandwiched in an existing property regardless of how well it does or does not fit.


But if you think ponies becoming teenage girls is odd, how about Robin Wright playing Robin Wright, in a movie where she sells all the legal rights to herself and becomes a cartoon? It’s from Ari Folman, whose last animated feature was Waltz With Bashir, a cartoon docudrama about the Israeli-Lebanon war. Weirdness, thy name is The Congress.

Both trailers after the jump. (For those who don’t know, I do the “after the jump” thing so often because too many vids on the main page = slower load times)