Universal Studios Orlando Is Building The Simpsons‘ Springfield


It’s about damn time somebody figured out this was a good idea.

I’m fond of The Simpsons ride at Universal Hollywood, and the way the ride queue is structured like you’re in the terribly run depths of Krustyland. But then outside they have “Moe’s,” and it’s just a gift shop. Adding insult to injury, the “Duff” they serve inside is an energy drink, the makers of which can eat my shorts.

But an actual Moe’s Tavern, with Duff Beer brewed exclusively for the park? Lard Lad donuts? Krusty Burger? Okay, yeah, admittedly, to properly duplicate the show, Krusty Burgers would have to be terrible. And there probably won’t be Flaming Moes made with cough syrup, but Universal’s flavorsmiths need to figure out some way to duplicate the infernally medicated beverage.


Other attractions will include a new Kang and Kodos ride and a Bumblebee Man taco stand. And the gift stores had best not run out of “Bort” license plates.

So, can we say “Best Idea Ever”? Or will a simple “Woohoo!” suffice?