Disney’s Frozen Teaser Takes the Ice Age Strategy


Remember how great that first Ice Age trailer was? No, I don’t mean just for the Vanilla Ice song, although much bowing is due for that, indeed (yes it is, and you know it). Skrat and the acorn was some classic cartoon zaniness…but mostly unrelated to the tale of a mammoth, a sabretooth and a sloth finding a human baby and carrying it home.

Disney’s Frozen – as opposed to Adam Green’s Frozen, in which people trapped on a ski-lift wait forever to exercise their only viable options – is a retelling of The Snow Queen, but you’d never know it from the teaser, which features some funny business between a reindeer and a snowman, whom I assume will be comic-relief characters.

The final film may end up a typical fairy tale…but the teaser ain’t that. Check it out after the jump, and tell me that snow dude was not made in the image of the Mad Hatter.