GIVEAWAY: TARDIS Hockey Jersey by Dave’s Geeky Jerseys


Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Jerseys (a site TR has covered in the past) is a man whose heart is bigger on the inside – as such, he has generously offered one of his TARDIS 4.0 hockey jerseys, valued at $95, to one lucky reader.

Dave’s awesomely geeky attire runs the gamut of nerd properties from Wampas to Buzz Lightyear, and his stuff is well worth checking out anyway. But a chance to win something from him? That’s something we’re glad to see materialize, so the police box style is appropriate.

So here’s how you enter to win: in comments below, tell me how you think the John Hurt storyline on Doctor Who should resolve. Not necessarily how it will…but how, in your mind, it should. This contest will close July 8th at 11:59 p.m.

Also, Dave has asked that we keep these entries PG-13 or tamer, so no explicit fanfics, please. This contest is open to readers from ANY country.

Note: in one of our recent contests, I had no way of contacting the winner and he never responded, so I had to reassign the prize. If you don’t have a commenting account with an email address, please keep tabs on this site after July 8th so that you don’t miss out if you win.