GIVEAWAY: The Purge T-Shirt and Mask

Opening Friday, The Purge is a brutal horror-thriller about what happens when total anarchy is allowed for one night, and despite the fact that everyone has cool metal security curtains, shit can go way wrong when your stupid kid decides to lift them up after curfew. There’s more to the movie than that, but you’ll have to wait for my interview with producer Jason Blum later in the week. This isn’t a review – it’s a post where I give you free stuff.

All right, now let’s get down to business. You can win a Purge T-shirt and mask from me just by answering the following question in comments below:

If The Purge went down tomorrow, what crime would you commit and why? (Please, for everyone’s sanity, no “rape” entries.)

This contest closes Thursday at 11:59 pm., so that I can announce the winner the day The Purge opens – and so that the widget below is basically counting down the time left in the giveaway. Enter as often as you’d like.