Got a 3D Printer? Download and Build TARDIS Transformer, Free!


Usually, new technology embraces porn first. You know things have changed when Doctor Who/Transformers mash-ups take priority over, let’s say, RealScanned body parts.

Based on a popular T-shirt design often seen at conventions, TARDIS Prime looks decidedly more manly than the female spirit we tend to assume the Police Box impersonator contains, but as all those people petitioning for a female Doctor know, freedom to change gender is the right of all sentient beings.

The toy’s designer is a tad hard on himself, pointing out that the robot won’t stand unassisted. He should have added, “But it’s a free fucking Doctor Who Transformer that actually works, and if you can get one somewhere else, you’re welcome to try.”

He’s too nice a guy for that. Get the template for free and get timey-wimey, Optimus Primey today.

h/t 10glfan59 and Timely-Tardis-Lego