Hasbro Taunts Again With More Transformers-Painted G.I. Joe Stuff for Comic-Con

You will never own the original Jetfire, since Hasbro lost the rights to the Macross moulds and the original is now super-expensive. But this Comic-Con, they will taunt you with the following (images via


Hasbro has to know we’d all like to see an honest-to-goodness G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover line, but they taunt us with mere repaints, and in the case above, a partial resculpt that reminds us what we cannot actually own.

The humanoid version of Bludgeon who comes in the set is pretty decent, though.


And then, possibly salvaging the entire set from giving us the nostalgic blues, we have this heartwarming pairing of a girl and her pet.


The $100 set also includes a Vamp jeep in Hound colors, and Snake Eyes with green Autobot pants. Nothing in the set transforms. Not a damn thing.

Unless you use a hammer; then it transforms into a pile of plastic parts. And not back.

More Hasbro exclusives for SDCC 2013, including Jem and My Little Pony, were revealed yesterday in USA Today.