Icon Heroes Comic-Con Exclusives Have the Power! Hoooooo!

Yes, He-Man and Thundercats. Not in compatible formats, because the universe will collapse if that ever happens (hence why Bandai made every possible scale BUT the MOTU Classics one).

A new Thundercats Mini-mate set features Grune, Mumm-Ra, Ma-Mutt, Jaga and the obligatory Lion-O, who looks ridiculously happy considering the fact that his mentor is dead, his homeworld destroyed and an evil mummy is now harassing him.


A variant Filmation-style He-Man bust wielding his axe instead of the power sword – only 100 of these will be available at SDCC, with 400 to be made available some other time.


And a predictable repaint of their power sword letter opener, this time in Faker’s orange. It also works as a weapon for larger scale figures, but it’s solid metal and heavy.


Nothing here that’s a must for me, but I thought you might all want a look anyway.