Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Yoron Island to Become Real-Scale Game of Life


Have you ever noticed the way that one island north of Okinawa looks vaguely the same shape as the blue mountain thingy that the Game of Life spinner rests upon? No? Well, they sure have, and between July 20th and Sept. 16th, the whole island is going to be turned into a giant real-Life game board, with actual tourists competing for a small entry fee and the chance to win prizes with the play money you acquire.

In related news, I hear newly elected Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is considering luring gamers west by turning the city into a full-scale reproduction of Grand Theft Auto, while New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to announce that all games are bad for you and should be banned.*

Also, I plan to turn my apartment into a full-scale Mouse Trap, and charge admission. All I really need to add is more moldy cheese on the floor.

h/t Tokyopop

*I made that up.