Blu in Your Face: July 23rd, 2013

It is not a good week to be Blu & Nerdy. DVD gets new discs from Robotech, Super Friends and MST3K. All BR has is…


Twixt Francis Ford Coppola’s latest was intended to be quite the audacious experiment: he planned to do a live tour with it, in which the edit would be different each night, and narration and score would be performed live. Some scenes would be in 3D, while actors from the film would make appearances and do their dialogue in person.

Then it actually premiered at Toronto to savage reviews, and that roadshow never happened. What we’re left with is an unusual horror film with Val Kilmer as a writer in a town where children go missing, who dreams of Edgar Allen Poe and runs afoul of a scary cult. I still want to see it, but not as urgently as when it would have had Val Kilmer chanting “Nosferatu!” in person.

Trance James McAvoy suffers amnesia following an art heist, and must undergo hypnosis to remember what happened to the stolen goods. Danny Boyle directs, which means there will be techno music, drastic volume changes, time-lapse photography and an ending that will either be a huge letdown or a creative twist. I’m just guessing here.

Kiss of the Damned a romance between a vampire and a human threatens to endanger and expose the vampire community. Here’s the big, novel spin on things: they AREN’T all sparkly, mopey morons who hang out in the Pacific Northwest and solve every problem by looking into the future to see what happens next.

Vehicle 19 When watching the Fast and Furious movies, did you ever think to yourself, “Gosh, I wish all the entertaining actors would quit this series, leaving just Paul Walker”? Well, somebody did, and here you go.

Fairy Tail, Part 5 No, not a Tinkerbell porno, but an anime about wizards and animals. I tried to figure out the plot synopsis, but honestly didn’t get very far, because it reads like this:

The guild then crosses paths with Jellal Fernandez, Erza’s childhood friend who is manipulated by Ultear Milkovich to revive the ancient dark wizard Zeref using the Tower of Heaven. Natsu defeats Jellal and the Tower of Heaven is destroyed. Two Phantom Lord members — Gajeel Redfox, a Dragon Slayer raised by the dragon Metalicana; and Juvia Lockser, a water wizard — join Fairy Tail afterward. Laxus Dreyar, the renegade grandson of the guild’s master Makarov Dreyar, then attempts to take over Fairy Tail by setting up a battle royal, but is ultimately defeated and expelled.

I’m sure it’s good and I’ll have to watch it someday.

So what else is out there today that excites you…if anything?