GIVEAWAY: Star Trek Select Kirk and Spock Figures



You know I’m a fan of these. Now it’s time to show me that you are. Because in addition to sending me a set of the first two figures in their new diorama figure line, Diamond is going to send a pair to one of you as well.

The set of Kirk/Khan and Spock/Horta retails for just shy of $50, so I’m going to make you work for it just a little bit. No, no artwork is involved! Just a two-part answer.

In a comment below, do both of the following:

1. For the benefit of Diamond folks who may be reading, tell them what scenes you’d like to see next in this line. Every TV Trek is eligible; Abrams-verse is not, as Hasbro holds those rights.

2. For my benefit, tell me what you think Abrams Trek 3 is going to be. What pointless secrets will be kept? Which classic scenes will be redone…with a twist? Who will be cast as someone he or she does not resemble in the slightest from the old show? Or will it go another direction? Your call.

This contest will close July 15th at NOON, to give me time to pick a winner before Comic-Con. Enter as often as you like until then, but remember that quality usually trumps quantity. Winners who do not contact me in a timely fashion may forfeit the prize to a runner up.