Hot Toys Con Exclusives: Evil Reeve Superman, Goofy Evans Cap, G.I. Joe Willis


You expect odd variants in a line like Star Wars, where the figures are cheap and alternate outfits are many. I am always amazed, however, when the most high-end company of all delivers scene-specific variants. I mean, who has the money for this? I’m thinking Chris Hardwick and hardly anyone else.

Anyway, Hot Toys’ summer convention exclusives are revealed, and as you might expect, they cater to the scene-specific collector with massive disposable income, which is to say almost none of us. I hope you enjoy the vicarious photos anyway. Above, we have evil Christopher Reeve from Superman III, who’ll beat you unconscious with finger-flicked peanuts if you insult his toy. (A Richard Pryor Gus Gorman as a follow-up would be amazing, amirite?)

After the jump – Captain America in his goofiest movie costume, and Bruce Willis as a G.I. Joe.


Still better than the ’70s version with motorcycle helmet.


Now that’s a legitimately cool figure, rife with customizing potential.