Jim Henson and Brian Froud’s Kids Are Making a Puppet Film


Toby Froud, son of Dark Crystal designer Brian, got his start in showbiz as baby Toby, whom a young Jennifer Connelly wished the goblins would come and take away – right now – in Labyrinth. While he was saved from the clutches of a masterfully mulleted David Bowie, he has remained carried away by puppets and goblins ever since, and now with a grant from Heather Henson, he’s looking to fund a short, “Lessons Learned,” that carries on in the Henson-Froud fantasy tradition.

Froud is seeking completion funds on Kickstarter, and the rewards are top-notch. For example, he’s giving away these:


Seriously, a phone call from Zach Braff lasts maybe five minutes…but a goblin maquette is forever. Or at least for until you get tired of it, or your pet chews it up, or something. Point is, owning some actual Froud critters in your house gives you some major-ass freakin’ fantasy cred.

His pitch is after the jump, magic jump. So take it away, Toby…right now.