Ultimate and Road Warriors: New WWE 2K14 and Mad Max Game Trailers


Well, that answers the main question I had – the new video-game version of Mad Max looks a lot more like Tom Hardy than Mel Gibson, possibly giving us a sense of what he’ll look like in the new movie. The villain, on the other hand, looks like that big white Orc from The Hobbit, and I’m pretty much hoping that doesn’t carry over to any other iteration.

And while the game looks cool, the trailer (watch after the jump) gets a big ol’ fail in at least one respect: American-accented narration. The Mad Max movies have always been narrated – if they are at all – by Australians, since they take place down under.

Moving from one warrior to another more Ultimate, there’s WWE game news today too…

The Ultimate Warrior has had a contentious relationship with WWE over the years, stemming from arguments about who created the character, and Warrior’s bottom-line attitude that he was primarily in the business to get paid. And yet over the years he’s done a few deals for official WWE merchandise, usually independent of the company itself and working directly with the merchandiser. More recently, he seems to have rediscovered his wrestling fan base, which may or may not coincide with the fact that other ventures, like a reality show and motivational speaking career, haven’t taken off as well as he might have expected.

Anyway, he’s back to endorse the new WWE game. And he’s still able to recapture the old ‘roid rage.

Warriors! Come out and play-ay!

partial h/t to SlyDante