Obligatory “Whoa!” – Keanu Reeves’ 47 Ronin Looks Like Hong Kong Fantasy With Money Thrown at it.

This is certainly not what I’d expect to see on a samurai movie poster…


For anyone who thought the adaptation of Japan’s classic revenge of the 47 Ronin legend was going to be historically accurate – aside from Keanu Reeves being in it just so a white Hollywood star can justify the budget, of course – the first trailer of the oft-delayed epic will put that notion to rest. It has dragons, ghosts, monsters and even the Silver Samurai, apparently.

Another reason it won’t likely be accurate: the real story rules out a sequel pretty definitively.

I’m leery of first-time feature directors having this many expensive toys to play with (see Snow White and the Huntsman…or help me unsee it, if that’s possible), but as long as there’s a joy to this, I think it should work no matter how cheesy other aspects are. Just like actual Hong Kong fantasy.

Reeves isn’t exactly an exuberant actor, though. Watch the trailer after the jump and see what you think.