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SDCC 2013: Metallica Fans Get Disgruntled With Botched Ticket Giveaway


When you’re at the end of a panel, and you, the moderator, say, “Okay, if you have a ticket numbered…” you need to make very sure that tickets were given out. Because the room will let you know. And even if it’s half full, Metallica fans are loud.

After much booing, the situation was remedied, allowing for a longer Q&A with the band from fans who mostly wanted inspiration (their answers, condensed: be yourself, love what you do, keep playing your instruments).

Oh, and they premiered the new poster for the movie.


The panel theme of “At the Drive-in” at Comic-Con needs to die. Last year it showcased three forgettable B-movies that nobody remembers; the year before, they got briefly lucky with Tucker and Dale Versus Evil, which could have stood on its own, certainly as well as distributor Magnet’s Europa Report, which got an hour this year and isn’t very good.

Besides, this an Imax 3-D movie. Not for the drive-in. Oh, but we’re told this is the brand for movies with ” horror/apocalyptic elements.” B.S. Saw panels used to be a regular thing until Borat‘s nude wrestling scene scared the Con away from being too family unfriendly. And if Metallica Through the Never is apocalyptic or horror, it seems to only be so in the most minor of ways. It’s the tale of a Metallica roadie (Dane DeHaan) who gets in a car crash and finds himself stuck downtown in the middle of a riot, or something. Also, he has a hanged man hanging from his dash, and in an exclusive clip that will play in front of Imax prints of Riddick and Elysium, we see him watch a guy get hanged just like that, prompting Dane to throw a rock at a scary mounted cop with a Borderlands-type mask, all as the opening riff to “Wherever I May Roam” segues into “Cyanide.”

Concert footage, on a huge custom stage called the aircraft carrier, is interspersed throughout. I think Metallica fans (yes, I am one, except for about half of Load and Re-Load) will enjoy it. They cranked the audio loud enough in Hall H to make my eardrums turn into bass.

New trailer (not the Imax exclusive clip) after the jump.

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