SDCC 2013: Nerdist Enters Film Distribution, Picks up Zero Charisma


Technically, Nerdist is part of Legendary, which has little problem finding distribution channels for gargantuan properties like 300 and Pacific Rim. At Comic Con, however, Nerdist announced a new distribution partnership with Tribeca Films to release Zero Charisma, the decidedly non-gargantuan yet festival-popular comedy about role-playing gamers, and the conflict between two dungeon masters. One is the more stereotypical overweight/mom’s basement nerd, while the other is a neo-hipster nerd who goes on about his hot girlfriend (i.e. exactly the kind of nerd Chris Hardwick gets accused of being).

It’s not clear if Nerdist has plans to distribute more movies in the future; I’d suspect it depends on how well this one does. But in an era where arthouse divisions at the big studios are going by the wayside, it’s interesting and cool to see Legendary indirectly create a potential new one…and one specifically targeting a certain demographic at that. Ours.

Nerdist-channel exclusive clips of the movie after the jump…