Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Men’s Premium Brassiere


The dreams of Cosmo Kramer and Frank Costanza are alive and well in Japan.

Via Google translator, here’s what one purchaser has to say:

I just fit in the chest because it is for men. It is comfortable is not so good for the feeling that you want to Gosogoso cup is large by all means that’s for women, but there is no such a thing this bra. It seems to become addicted. Feeling that somehow relent and wearing has. It purchased in conjunction with satin shorts, but is feeling sexy.


If you wonder how your pecs will fill it out, shopping site Rakuten gladly recommends silicon pads you can stuff it with.

If you’re wondering why they ever should, well, my Japanese is non-existent but I think this picture is saying that the reason is HALO OF AWESOME.


RocketNews24 has other theories, but none beats Halo of Awesome. It’s like the Sunburst Warrior of male bra-wearing justifications.