The IMAX Prize Pack Contest Winner Is…


Comic Con is done, and it’s now time to sort out the winners of the various related contests. Up first is the IMAX swag bag, for which I asked you what announcement you’d most like to hear at Comic Con.

If I were giving out an award for accuracy of predictions, williamripamonti would take it in a heartbeat.

Rather than working on another reboot (which would frankly be too soon to bring on screen, especially after Nolan’s trilogy success) DC will Introduce the new cinematic Batman in “World’s Finest”, a Superman/Batman movie that will actually start a Marvel Phase One-styled road through the main DC heroes movies that will finally culminate in a Justice League movie.
Batman origins, well known to the audience, will be explored in a few key flashbacks in the fashion of Superman’s ones in Man of Steel.

At least one wish in the thread came true. Most of the others, not so much.

Bad, bad jonap!

Dark Horse announces a Senhor Testiculo maxi series, illustrated by Greg Land.

But would it keep the Syfy movies away, whoiseyevan?

As part of the merchandising deal between Fox and WB, Shark repellant Bat-spray will now be available at The Body Shop.

Galb reads my mind (admittedly, not hard to do)

More Walking Dead! And by more I mean let’s take it the CSI route of different cities! Walking Dead NY! Walking Dead Las Vegas! Walking Dead Miami! New characters! New stories! I’m thinking a Horatio Caine type character that always wears glasses and is cool under all circumstances. I can see it now…
Lilly: Billy has been bitten! He tried saving Shawn and Jimmy! HELP!
Billy: I thought…I thought I could save them…But… (billy dies)
(Lilly begins crying. Horatio kneels down to inspect Billy’s bite.)
Horatio: Billy thought he could save them both…
(Horatio removes his glasses)
Horatio: (standing up) But it seems he was dead wrong. (points gun at Billy’s head and pulls the trigger)

Boss_Fight‘s actually would be perfect, and was nearly the winner…

Daniel Day Lewis will be playing Doctor Strange as part of Marvel’s Phase 3. The acclaimed method actor wont be in attendance as he is presently in the Himalayas learning magic.

dnjscott with the fan-fic

I have been declared the head of a super conglomerate of Cartoon Network, Syfy, DC, and Marvel and can restore them all to their glory days, which is to say when I was a kid. Or, since porn’s been a topic lately, maybe they invented a time travelling porno that combined Counselor Troi, Slave Leia, and Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl

Me too, MasterFlinter. Even with my misgivings on PR I’d like to see films like it do well.

I’d like to hear that Grown Ups 2 beating Pacific Rim at the box office was a nation-wide hoax perpetuated on the innocent American public by out of control news-barons for the simple purpose of making us all feel like a bunch of assholes

Sadly, jonap, he’d probably be better than whoever they do get…

Warner Bros presents Axel Braun as the director for their upcoming Justice League movie.

SlyDante777 sums up the way nerd mash-ups will eat themselves.

Having published comics based on them before, Boom! announces another comic book crossover…Die Hard With Garfield, written by none other than ShakespeareHemingway.

By the fourth day, Gallen_Dugall‘s prediction was one I could have endorsed.

I’d like to hear the announcement that swarms of angry bees have gotten loose in the convention center

James.k.Polk on how to do Free Comic Book Day right.

A consortium consisting of Sony, Disney, Univeral and other major studios announced today that they have reached an agreement that superhero origin stories, being completely pointless, are hereby banned.
Ticket purchasers who do not have knowledge of the origins of characters such as Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and other first tier comic characters will be given a free reprint of the most recent origin story upon entry to the theater for any showing involving one of those characters.

Good one, Calm-AV

SDCC would like to announce that Calm-AV has won the Comic-con topless robot give away!

– well you did say no matter how unlikely!

The winning entry from stevo.doccerson essentially sums up many disparate ideas into the ultimate synthesis of a nerd-fantasy con.

One of the following would be great. All of them? Well, it seems I’ve wet myself.
Free event to all! See actual Thunderdome battles featuring George Lucas, Michael Bay, JJ Abrams, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Joss Whedon, and Terry Gillium/Tim Burton as Master/Blaster!! Commentary by Christopher Lee & Bruce Campbell!

Throw severed heads at the target to dunk George RR Martin in gallons of fake blood!

TV’s Frank Conniff back rubs!

There’s one of those mall trains and Stan Lee is the conductor! C’mon, just picture that man in a conductor’s uniform. He’s adorable.

Chris Hardwick & Nerdist Industry provide reasonably priced burritos to those waiting in line!

Neil Gaiman will write your status updates for a year if you can correctly guess the number of which he is thinking!


Stevo, please send me your info so we can get you your prize.