The Return of Disco Skeletor!


One of the factors widely agreed to have killed the 2002 relaunch of Masters of the Universe action figures was the glut of useless He-Man and Skeletor repaints, which crowded shelves to such an extent that new figures and other characters were rarely ordered – by the time figure case assortments had adjusted, it was too late and these things still clogged the pegs. Among the most notorious was the one unofficially dubbed “Disco Skeletor” (above), a thoroughly non-canonical coloration that made his face Halloween-orange and his outfit gold and blue, with inconsistently chromed parts.

I had the chance to ask Jeremy Padawer at the first Power-Con why this particular design came about, hoping he’d explain how the odd colors were selected – instead, he hemmed and hawed the usual boilerplate about how kids always need variants of the main villain and hero on the shelves. His panel-mate “Cornboy” Mayse followed up with a line about how cool it would be now to see Disco Skeletor in the classics line.

Just like the notorious Pimp Daddy Destro, it seems this is one bad dude (or badly designed dude) you can’t keep down. Don’t worry, Matty subscribers – he’s not coming back to steal one of your monthly slots…

But he IS coming back as a Comic-Con exclusive bobblehead!


I must admit, he’s even slightly frightening in the right way this time